Another important new purchase to improve the basement air quality and avoid mold – a good dehumidifier.  This one has lots of great reviews, and a built in pump.  Per their description:

  • 70 PINT ROOM DEHUMIDIFIER: This sized unit is perfect for basements or your whole house. In just one day, you can remove up to 70 pints (9 gallons) of moisture from your home. Not only are humid homes sticky and uncomfortable, the high moisture levels can lead to growth of mold and mildew which can damage your health and your belongings.
  • ENERGY STAR RATED: We don’t have to all become tree-hugging hippies to agree on climate change (it’s real) but one thing we can all agree on is the sweet relief of saving a few bucks on your monthly energy bills, am I right? Energy Star-rated appliances are not just better for the environment, but also for your wallet.
  • BASEMENT DEHUMIDIFIER: You might be one of those people who likes the smell of a damp basement. That’s fine, but as humidity levels approach 60% it makes the environment more friendly to mold, mildew and other allergens. By pulling moisture out of your dingy basement you can create a more comfortable and safe environment for your family.
  • QUIET OPERATION: You don’t always see it… but that’s the point. A peak sound level of 48 decibels means you’ll hardly notice the dehumidifier is running. For comparison, 50 decibels is about as loud as a secluded suburban street or a normal conversation at home, so you will never have to choose conversation over comfort again.
  • POWER OUTAGE RESTART: If you experience a power outage due to a storm, you do not want to have to go around resetting all of your applainces and electronic devices. TOSOT dehumidifiers will revert back to their previous settings once power is restored, giving you one less thing to worry about after you get back on the grid.

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Favorite Dehumidifier:

The Tosot 70 Pint with Internal Pump 4500 Sq. Ft. Energy Star Dehumidifier  is currently my top pick for a dehumidifier.


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